Urbaform Technologies is now poised to introduce world leading technologies into the Indian markets through UGF Farms.

Micro Farms is a new operating group under the Urbaform banner that is working on new consumer oriented Micro Farms. These designs will bring farming right into the home. Innovative new Farms are in the design process.

Urbafresh Foods has operations in San Francisco, USA that is producing a variety of Live Greens for Whole Foods and other retailers in the area. Offering the finest locally produced greens and herbs through our grower Local Greens, the technology has proven to be extremely efficient by using less than 5% of the water versus conventional field growing.

The king of probiotics; the champagne of milk. Kefir is a delicious fermented milk. A super-food to rule all super-foods. Think of a slightly more sour, more liquefied version of yogurt. MO’s Kefir uses the best quality milk available in Maharashtra to give you the maximum amount of nutritional value possible. 100% Sarda Farms = 100ML Raw + 100ML pasteurised and homogenised milk creating the perfect taste and consistency; a seamless blend of nutrition and flavour.