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About Us

Our Genesis – Urban Green Fate Farms (UGF) is the brain child of a team of enthusiastic and passionate Urban Farmers. In 2012, we set up the first of its kind Urban Vertical Farm in the quaint fishing village of Manori, at Malad West, Mumbai.

Our dream – Nutrition and Non-contaminated Greens to every household!

The Journey began with producing microgreens , salad greens and herbs! The delighted takers – gourmet restaurants, five star hotels, high-end retail outlets. UGF Farms then started converting dead spaces in private compounds and balconies to creating a few personal kitchen gardens. But, we were still not doing what we set out to do!

Till today, our greens travel miles before they reach our kitchens and by the time it’s on our plate, most nutrition is lost!

Do we have a choice? UGF Farms believes we do!!

  • WE CAN save our cities from turning into ‘Food Deserts’ – WE CAN have easily accessible and affordable healthy nutritious food everyday!
  • WE CAN eradicate Food Insecurity!
  • WE CAN empower the next generation by giving them a Choice!

Come, join us on this journey where we learn to care for ourselves, our environment, our future…

Our Mission- Nutrition via the ‘Zero mile Diet’.

Our Vision : A Farm – around every corner, on every roof-top, in every kitchen!