Our Genesis – Urban Green Fate Farms (UGF) is the brain child of a team of enthusiastic and passionate Urban Farmers. In 2012, we set up the first of its kind Urban Vertical Farm in Mumbai.

Our dream – Nutrition and Non contaminated Greens to every household!
The Journey began with producing microgreens, salad greens and herbs! The delighted takers – gourmet restaurants, five star hotels, high-end retail outlets. UGF Farms then started converting dead spaces in communities, homes and personal kitchen gardens for Hotels and Restaurants. We believe our Greens should be live and not dead decaying in a box.

Do we have a choice from the greens we get today? UGF Farms believes we do!!

  • WE CAN save our cities from turning into ‘Food Deserts’
  • WE CAN have easily accessible and affordable healthy nutritious food everyday!
  • WE CAN eradicate Food Insecurity!
  • WE CAN empower the next generation by giving them a Choice!

Come, join us on this journey where we learn to care for ourselves, our environment, our future…

Our Mission – Nutrition via the ‘Zero Carbon Food’.

Our Vision – A Farm – around every corner, on every roof-top, in every kitchen!


Living greens (Kgs)


Grow To Eat Activities


People Educated

Why Choose Us?

  • We are dedicated to providing the healthiest & freshest greens to enhance your lifestyle. Being an Urban Vertical Farm we offer the lowest prices on microgreens and expertise you cannot find anywhere else in the industry.
  • We set up and train farm land owners and staff on the operation of grow areas and encourage them to supply locally creating many little farms all over India.
  • We have over 10 years collective experience in growing organic produce, including running commercial greenhouses.

Restaurants & Retailers

UGF Farms is actively setting up Micro farms in your city…these Farms produce and supply living greens to restaurants and retailers – cutting out the logistics & consequent nutrition loss and maximizing its freshness & nourishment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Starvation, Malnutrition, Food Contamination, Food insecurity .. Its time we do something about this. UGF Farms is actively promoting “Growing to Eat” activities in schools and bottom of the pyramid sections of society. We teach children how to grow food – helping them develop a skill, become self-sufficient, create opportunities of work, making the city greener..the list goes on…

Own a Feeder Farm & Feed the Community

Tired of your Mundane Profession? Do you find yourself asking for more from life? Do you think you have it in you to feed the community and give back to society? How about becoming an Urban Farmer?

Activation of Dead Space

Grow food not Lawn.. This is our message to New Developments and existing communities. UGF Farms can convert an unused dead space into a Food Garden. No space is too small for us to create the magic.

News & Media

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