Future Farms

Innovative New Designs

UGF Farms is committed to advancing the design and use of Micro Farming. We have provided dynamic, functional and cost effective solutions to our customer’s needs.

Our Microfarms have transformed backyards and unused urban spaces into thriving food gardens, providing an abundance of healthy, accessible food for our communities and a sustainable livelihood. We see this as an opportunity to build community, increase food security, make healthy produce more accessible to our neighbors, create a more sustainable future and to fulfill our desire for meaningful work through collective action.

Why do we care about local food?
Most of our food is trucked in from great distances and thus is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Other crops grown in unhealthy conditions in and around the cities provide handy but not necessarily safe or healthy alternatives. We must start buying and producing food locally if we are to be part of the movement to stop global climate change and prevent complete disaster (drought, forests drying, ice and permafrost melting, stronger storms, loss of oxygen, etc) from an overheated planet. Being part of a growing food security movement the Urban Farm is a definite way to generate revenue while working for a sustainable future.

Concern for the Earth and Future Generations.
The Farm will act as stewards of the land that it has under its care. The Farm will give back more to the soil than it takes and leave the soil cleaner than it was found. The Farm intends to minimize our impact on the air, land and water in all aspects of the business, from purchasing to production to dealing with waste products.

India is faced with the challenge of continuously escalating food prices, pollution, job creation and health. With an Urban Vertical Farm we Build Jobs, Build Community, Build Health and Cultivate abundance.

Small Space or Micro Farming

UGF Farms is dedicated to create a new paradigm for the Indian markets. We believe in utilizing small unused spaces to grow and sustain farming in the urban environment.

By utilizing space to grow food in the cities we are fulfilling our mission to enable the “Zero Carbon Food” for urban dwellers. By growing locally, using sustainable and organic methods we are ensuring an abundant supply of fresh, safe and nutritious food for the Indian urban populace.

UGF Farms further has pledged to develop a method of distribution & marketing for the produce to enable our urban farming locations to obtain fair wages and returns for their labor. It is our vision that with more people (better than half the population) now living in urban environments, it is increasingly important to develop this urban food production system to augment our already strained conventional food production. We believe that by guiding our crop selection we can also impact you with healthier produce that can have a positive effect on general wellness and health.